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借助 SAP Hybris Service Cloud,交付优质的现场服务,提高客户满意度


借助 SAP Hybris Service Cloud 现场服务解决方案,你能将工作分配给最合适的人,并确保这些现场服务人员获得完成工作任务所需的零部件和知识。这样,你的客户就可以如愿以偿,你的员工也能获得所需的工具,交付一流的服务体验。

Redefine Field Service with SAP Service Cloud Portfolio

Field service has evolved. Technology has helped but so too has a greater understanding by organizations of the importance of all customer interactions. People appreciate now how field service can impact your brand image, and ultimately your ability to create longstanding customers.

SAP Hybris Service Cloud 现场服务解决方案的优势




利用适用于 iPhone、iPad、Windows 平板电脑和安卓设备的软件,管理现场客服代表的现场活动,追踪他们的绩效,且无需支付额外成本。

Boost service performance and meet customer expectations by leveraging crowdsourcing and creating an on-demand service network.

Case Studies

Creating Core Moments with Field Service

With the new acquisition of Coresystems, learn about the dynamic customer base that is creating core moments with Field service and achieving increased return on investment.

The Workforce Evolution in Field Services: More than a gig!

This workforce revolution is underway, and the best response to a growing demand for expert services is access to a crowd of talented individuals. Discover the implications of workforce 2.0.

Solution Brief
Redefine Field Service with SAP® Service Cloud Portfolio

Learn how SAP Service Cloud is bringing the next generation of field service to our customers

HOERBIGER: Digitization Fuels Efficiencies in the Energy Sector

As demands for energy increase and natural resources deplete, digitization creates opportunities. At HOERBIGER, compression technology is used to maximize natural resource extraction. SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP S/4HANA has enabled a 360-degree view of the customer to deliver a superior service.