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SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud allows you to create an end to end service experience — starting wherever your customer chooses to engage and completing the process all the way through billing. You can deliver on your customer promises in every step of the customer journey. With SAP Service Cloud, reduce call center costs, increase the efficiency of your service teams and connect all aspects of the field service value chain with a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs.

Omni-Channel Call Center

Transform your call center into a true customer-engagement center. Seamlessly orchestrate your omnichannel customer service, leverage AI-powered chatbots for quick answers and harmonize your front office engagements and back office processes.

Harmonize your service processes

Accelerate issue resolution and service execution by harmonizing customer engagements and operational processes.

24/7 service with AI chatbots

Extend service hours and provide more accurate answers quickly and automatically using our 24/7 customer service platform with a top rated AI Chatbot.

Truly omnichannel service

Benefit from native support for both traditional and digital channels in a single cloud offering -no need for a separate contact center infrastructure.

Motivate your employees

Reduce employee turnover by empowering agents with knowledge, insights and tools and motivating them based on real engagements.

Initiate a full feedback loop

Enable continuous service and product improvements by creating a full feedback loop from case to resolution.

Proactive Field Service

Meet real-time service expectations. Keep customers informed on their service needs, scale your workforce to meet current demands and equip your service technicians with the right knowledge and tools on the go.

Drive a Consistent Mobile Experiences
Keep technicians connected and informed with consistent, online and offline mobile access.
Deliver Smart Analytics with ML and IoT

Create proactive service and operational efficiency with smart analytic, including machine learning and IoT.

Redefine Self-Service

Allow customers to manage and review their installed base and reach out for assistance when needed.

Create an On-Demand Service Network

Boost service performance and meet customer expectations by leveraging crowdsourcing and creating an on-demand service network.

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Morgan 很想安装一套全新的尼特公司 (Neat) 出品的家庭影院系统。但她很快意识到,这项工作并不像看起来那么轻松。于是,她向尼特公司的客服人员求助。借助 SAP Service Cloud,尼特公司的服务团队快速为 Morgan 解决了问题。

借助 SAP Service Cloud,革新服务

在数字经济时代,客户希望企业能够在他们选择的渠道上快速处理他们的服务请求。了解 SAP Service Cloud 如何助你一臂之力。


博纳 (Bona) 是一家领先的木地板护理公司。了解 SAP Service Cloud 解决方案如何帮助该公司简化系统,提升服务速度,以及通过新渠道与客户互动。