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SAP Hybris 营销归因软件


当通过多个渠道和客户接触点开展营销活动时,你很难了解到底哪些因素真正有助于你接触到目标受众,并将其转化为客户。SAP Hybris Customer Attribution 是一款能帮助你轻松评估营销活动绩效的多触点归因分析工具。


通过对营销活动进行归因分析,你能发现影响客户购买决策的各种营销接触活动。SAP Hybris Customer Attribution 采用合作博弈论方法分析数据,旨在提供更准确的洞察,提高投资回报率。

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SAP 绩效归因软件的主要功能

Consolidates data from multiple sources and channels onto a single, unified platform.

Support agile decision making about advertising and media choices to optimize marketing spend.

Drive optimal allocation of budgets in real time with automated data feeds to all execution platforms.

Enrich and validate marketing data for a more accurate and in-depth view of customers.

Provides real-time, multivariate analysis of the value delivered by marketing touchpoints.

Runs simulations of the impact of planned changes to marketing tactics.

Optimizes marketing performance by prioritizing activities and customer segments that contribute most with machine learning.

Assist sales growth without increasing budgets by focusing on the touchpoints that deliver the greatest return on investment.利用 SAP Hybris Customer Attribution 解决方案,激发客户活力

为了扩大客户群,同时优化媒体支出, 选择采用 SAP 解决方案。

Campaign Extensibility - SAP Marketing Cloud - Features and Configurations

Learn how to enrich your campaigns.


利用 SAP Hybris Customer Attribution 解决方案,你能洞察每个营销接触点的绩效,即时作出响应,以充分把握市场机会。

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud 解决方案

免费试用 SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud 30 天,了解该解决方案如何帮助你变革营销活动。