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SAP is recognized as a leader by Gartner for Digital Commerce

See the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce report.



借助 SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud 解决方案,你能将企业的营销系统和商务系统互联起来,利用强大的营销打造出色的商务体验。通过利用准确的客户资料以及对客户的深入了解,该解决方案能够交付具有针对性的商务体验,推动业务增长。


案例研究 借助 SAP Hybris Marketing, convert option 挽回客户 是一家专营豪华旅游的折扣网站,主要销售墨西哥和加勒比海地区的高端奢华旅行套餐和旅游景点住宿服务。该网站迄今已有 13 年历史,客户多达 150 万。尽管如此,客户仍然会货比三家。为了留住那些游移不定的客户,CheapCaribbean 部署了 SAP Hybris Marketing, convert option。借助该解决方案,他们能够开展明智的电子邮件营销活动,与客户建立联系,结果,销量很快提高了八个百分点。正如该公司的营销经理 Tom Patterson 所说,“SAP Hybris Marketing, convert option 在上线一周后就实现了投资回报。”

案例研究:Patrizia Pepe 为线上顾客打造个性化体验
和许多零售企业一样,Patrizia Pepe 在线上也遇到了购物车遗弃率高的问题。面对这种情况,他们希望找到一款解决方案来帮助他们提高收入和转化率。实施 SAP Hybris Marketing, convert option 后,Patrizia Pepe 的收入增长了 47.1%。


Develop a dynamic customer profile with a single view of 1st-party data from the enterprise.

Link customer, transaction, social, clickstream, and point-of-sale data to build a complete customer profile.


Deliver individualized experiences with intelligent recommendations with our predictive and machine learning to analyze customer interactions to select the best products and offers.

Integrated: SAP Marketing Cloud is built to work with SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Loyalty. Plus with our robust APIs, it can work effortlessly with other systems throughout your organization.

Build and nurture customer loyalty with a seamless experience throughout the entire buying journey.

Understand marketing ROI with multi-touch attribution and marketing performance management.

Modernize marketing planning processes with increased transparency.

Case Study: Patrizia Pepe gets personal with online shoppers

Patrizia Pepe, like many retailers, experienced a high cart abandonment rate online and sought a solution that would help them increase revenue and boost conversion rates. After implementing SAP Commerce, Patrizia Pepe achieved a 47.1% increase in revenue.

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Together, the combined leading commerce and marketing capabilities empower your business with new, real-time insights and apply them to “wow” your customers with exceptional, contextual experiences.

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The need to integrate point solutions (e-commerce, marketing, sales and service) into a B2B omni-channel strategy are more clear than ever. The B2B companies that are able to capitalize most effectively on growing digital markets stand to gain access to broader streams of revenue, as well as an increasingly useful set of data-driven profiles of their customers.

CMO Council 报告:内容、商务和客户
2016 年上半年,我们对全球 170 多位营销和商务高管进行了在线审计,并根据审计结果编撰了本报告。在报告中,我们调查了流程脱节和缺陷对客户体验的影响,以及商务分析和客户洞察如何帮助企业打造更具相关性和个性化的愉悦体验。