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Forbes Insights: Six Case Studies on Customer Engagement

The way that businesses engage with customers and manage relationships has radically changed. Today’s customers are digitally empowered through mobile and social technologies, and they are better informed than ever before. Customers are now in control of the relationships they have with their favorite brands—not the other way around.
In the face of this challenge, traditional sales, service and marketing tools are fast approaching obsolescence. They just do not have the ability to satisfy the growing demand for orchestrated cross-channel customer engagements. And while other tools on the market independently address silos of sales force automation, call centers, email/Web marketing, analytics, social listening, customer loyalty and commerce, what businesses need is a comprehensive approach. Such an approach needs to be based on a unified view of customers and products, enabling companies to engage with customers consistently, across all touchpoints, throughout the customer journey.
Forbes examines the changes in customer expectations and how companies can begin to adopt customer engagement best practices into their organization. The paper includes six case studies from leading organizations on how they’ve transformed their marketing efforts by focusing on the customer.