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The Customer Engagement Imperative for Communication Service Providers

Over the last few years, many Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have felt the impact of economic conditions and market forces. This is especially true in mature, commoditized and highly competitive markets, where customer loyalty is proving a hard-won and fleeting commodity.
Today’s digitally empowered, connected and tech-savvy customers expect service providers to do more than just offer competitively priced, reliable and attractive products – they also expect providers to be more responsive, flexible and know just what they need.
As established CSPs look to fend off challenges from new entrants, there’s a growing recognition that providing a compelling customer experience is becoming a key competitive differentiator.
Thriving and surviving now depends on offering a first class Omni-channel experience that’s hyper personalized to give customers what they need, at the right time and place – using real-time data to personalize the conversation.
This paper discusses best practices for customer engagement through examples and definitions. It also highlights strategies that CSPs can use to become leaders in customer engagement.