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Commerce Reimagined: A Chronicle of Digital Marketing Wisdom

Since 2012, The Future of Commerce has been a digital destination for relevant and timely information and analysis on commerce topics, both consumer-facing and business-to-business. In today’s omni-channel world, new technologies that enable the sales process are emerging every day, causing commerce practitioners to completely reimagine the ways that they interact with their customers.
Many of the blog posts and articles published on The Future of Commerce during 2014 described how the future is now, and resolving the key challenges faced by commerce companies, including B2C retailers, consumer products companies, OEMs and B2B manufacturers, distributors, financial services firms, media compa- nies, software developers, online service companies, and more.
The mainstream and trade media have documented the successes of the leaders, and described how some companies have become followers, failing to adopt com- merce technology at a pace equal to their rivals. The hard truth is that some of the followers will not be around in a few years, unless they improve their plan – soon.
As you will read in 28 articles, those organizations that are embracing omni-channel commerce and implementing advanced systems that address the demands of their customers tend to be the ones that are advancing rapidly against their competitors on the world stage of com- merce. And those that don’t, become fodder for the consolidation that most thought leaders believe will only accelerate over the near term.
As you read through this compilation of industry news and ideas from The Future of Commerce contributors, you may notice a repeating sub-theme: no matter what tools and platforms you select, and no matter which vendors you plan to partner with, it’s critical for serious players to invest, invest now, and invest fast in the technologies that will power your businesses next year, and for years to come.