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The Bank of One: Providing Contextual, Personalised Financial Services

In order to explore in more detail the opportunities and challenges of providing contextual banking services, Finextra, SAP and Intel recently hosted a conference, The Bank of One, in London, which brought together incumbents and new entrants to share their insights on a number of key questions, including what ‘Bank of One’ really means, which customers are the target of banks’ personalisation efforts, how different business model approaches stack up against each other, which technologies are key to success, where the banking industry can look for inspiration to tackle the demands of digitalisation and how the battle between established banks and challengers could play out.

This report sets out the key takeaways from The Bank of One event. Produced by Finextra in association with SAP Customer Experience, the report combines these findings with other industry insights in order to try to shed light on how banks of all kinds globally are tackling the technology and business challenges inherent in successfully providing contextual services to increasingly demanding customers in an ever-more competitive market landscape.

We hope you find it interesting and useful.