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hybris Labs Showcase: The Smart Wine Shelf

The hybris Labs team has done it again, breaking new ground for the Internet of Things (IOT). Sven Haiges speaks to Nick Wood about the hybris IOT Wine Shelf.

To start he created a physical piece of hardware, in this case a wine shelf, that has houses 16 wines. The wine shelf is connected to the internet which means we can send data down to the wine shelf and select the products available. Likewise it can send the data back up to the Cloud.

The physical world around us is becoming an API watching us consume online data in a physical environment, then enrich it and send it back to the cloud.

How does it work for the customer?

There will be a QR code or App available to the customer which can be downloaded prior to using the wine shelf. There can be a wine testing area in the store for the customer should they wish to try the wine. Then there are 5 questions for red wine and 5 questions for white wine which will take less than a minute, these will help guide the customer to the correct wine for their taste/occasion. Once complete the wine shelf will flash until it settles on your recommended wine. The screen then captures the information from the questions and the relevance of the wine to your profile.
There is a back end analytics tool available to monitor sales and profiles for all the stores wine shelves.