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SAP Hybris Marketing Solutions for Manufacturing

Every customer who purchases or operates a manufactured item is an individual, with specific needs, abilities, pasts, and futures, whether they make a purchase for themselves or on behalf of their company. It is this factor of “one” that marketers of manufactured products now gravitate toward.

The new concept of highly accessible data is the key. Data is obtained from numerous raw sources that together develop a more accurate customer profile.

A principal tool to prepare and deploy a direct, individualized approach is the use of contextual marketing, using real-time information – both implicit and explicit data – to target customers on the fly. Data can serve as a lens into the future, through predictive analytics, using propensity models to anticipate customer behavior, discover hidden trends, and gain insights into customer sentiment.

Loyalty programs are well established in both the retail and industrial markets, and are employing more sophisticated techniques to convert audiences into advocates through relevant reward programs.

Aftermarket opportunities have opened up significantly to global competitors. The aftermarket for automobile parts, white goods, industrial machinery, and information technology has been estimated to be four to five times larger than the original equipment businesses.

Marketers can realize a greater level of mastery over their own practice by deploying more transparent marketing plans through the improved use of data. Marketing delivers a clear message to consumers in both the B2B and B2C spheres, illustrating how data and information will forge a path to greater customer engagement and satisfaction.