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Forbes Insights: The Growth CMO (Personas and Potential)

How CMOs choose to pursue growth depends on their responsibilities, the abilities they bring to the job, and their personal and professional priorities. Although that is different for every individual, research by Forbes Insights reveals that every CMO primarily falls into one of six personas that capture the most common approaches to growth. Each persona has its strengths; each has something to teach the others.

Forbes Insights, in association with SAP and gyro, conducted in-depth research with 318 CMOs and marketing executives from around the world.

Download the Forbes Insights report to:
  • Learn who CMOs are and what do they really do?
  • Find out the tasks of the "growth CMO": the evidence-based array of factors that CMOs should orchestrate in their organizations in order to achieve growth.
  • Understand the six personas that capture how individual CMOs are executing growth strategies by drawing on elements from the growth CMO stack.
  • Discover the ways that CMOs can help their companies grow, and grow as individuals, by learning from their own persona and the personas of others.
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