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SAP Hybris Customer Engagement Solutions for Manufacturing

There are significant profit opportunities to be gained from the direct sale of physical goods. The larger continuous revenue opportunities lie in services and the use of data in the growing digital marketplace. Service delivery continues to change the dynamic of manufactured goods, enabling customers to use a product without owning it, while manufacturers earn revenues without selling tangibles.

Data is king in this new market. It gives customers the power to enjoy an omni-channel self-service relationship with suppliers, and allows for enhanced aftermarket sales. Customer usage data is enormously valuable and can be leveraged as a commodity for resale to other suppliers.

Manufacturers face new challenges in servicing their existing channels. They need to establish greater control over the sales experience without disintermediating dealers. They must fight against the disruptive forces of Amazon, eBay, and other online rivals, using equally powerful innovations.

The CIOs of manufacturing organizations strive to economically position their enterprises for the future while cleaning up the past. They see the potential and appeal of a systems refresh that uses next generation tools and leverages big data – but this becomes a balancing act.

Every channel that a buyer or prospect uses to make a purchase decision is an opportunity to solidify and further the relationship, providing that experience is consistent. Consistency is the nature of omni-channel. B2B customers want accurate information in real time, for browsing and ordering.

Further successes come from a heightened focus on aftermarket strategies, with the same omni-channel catalog enabling the purchase of parts and services on the fly, through any device.

The establishment of an omni-channel, service-based D2C model gives manufacturers the tools to monetize the relationship in different ways, that generate improved sales efficiency, new channels for business, reduced costs through self-service, more personalized product selection and configuration opportunities, and greater economies within the global market.

The next new frontier for manufacturers is the world of intelligent, connected devices that comprise the Internet of Things (IoT). When machinery communicates with other machines, huge benefits can be realized for manufacturer and customer.

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