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SAP hybris Commerce Solutions for Utilities


Public utilities are facing major changes to their business models, brought on by regulators and by revolutions in the marketplace, and by mobile technology that has caused customers of all sizes to shift their expectations.

Most utilities are not familiar with the type of agility that this new omni-channel environment requires. Working with regulators, suppliers, and customers alike, they are less accustomed to answering market demands as they are to making them.

The omni-channel marketplace provides numerous opportunities for utilities to innovate through new revenue pillars. Rather than face the loss of a customer base, they can leverage existing direct-to-consumer (D2C) relationships and monetize through the addition of broad spectrum, nontraditional products and services.

Utilities can give consumers options that align with their individual preferences, including special rate plans, time of use rate, and demand response peak pricing, and they can allow their customers to sign up and buy when they want, where they want – with zero friction.

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