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SAP Hybris Billing Solutions for Utilities

For utilities, the transformation from commodity provider to service provider has begun. Established revenue streams and billing opportunities have started to atrophy in the face of newer technologies. More agile competitors are appearing in larger numbers, and a highly individualized and empowered customer base picks and chooses its options at will.

These changes do not have to be bad news for companies that are ready and willing to transform. The opportunity exists to explore innovative revenue and billing models. Utilities face the positive prospect of making up for and even exceeding revenues lost to a diminishing marketplace, by transitioning from billing for “products delivered” to value-added services.

The increasing push towards more sustainable energy sources is requiring providers and consumers alike to look at technology as a tool to manage and consume utility products. The digitization of the utilities space – with smart meters, smart devices, and limitless communication choices – gives utility companies a renewed opportunity to test new monetization strategies, including pay as you go, pay per service, metered charging, subscriptions with flexible entitlements, price plans, bundles, free trials, points and rewards systems, and charging-as-a-service.

The digitization of services presents a range of data-based opportunities that move well beyond revenue generation. Utilities are able to leverage their revenue management techniques to launch and monetize products without restriction, and project cash flow with confidence. Robust billing can automate routine tasks, ensuring transparent revenue management, excellent customer service, and compliance with accounting standards.

The newest innovations have more to do with production than billing, and the close connection between utility meter data and customer profiles allows for a more tailored relationship. This represents the transition to high-touch customer interactions that are critical to the ongoing existence of utility companies.
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