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SAP Hybris Billing Solutions for Manufacturing

As the world transitions from analog to digital business activities, a parallel shift must occur. Manufacturers who depend on a standard supply chain are now able to go direct-to-consumer (D2C) by launching online storefronts and marketplaces, that generate revenue through the sale of products and services on an Internet platform that operates alongside more traditional physical sales.

In billing, every element of the process can be enhanced, powering the user journey through collaboration. This includes managing subscriptions, billing, payment processing, inquiry and issue resolution, and proactive subscriptions and prompts for additional sales opportunities.

Companies may cling to a siloed mindset, in which all aspects of billing are handled by an internal department, but the power of cloud technology reaches far into the back office. Concepts like billing-as-a-service are as viable as any other type of online third-party assistance and reap the same benefits.

Specialized companies remain responsible for upkeep and timeliness of the billing process, allowing manufacturers to focus their resources on the development and marketing of products and services.

Along with every other aspect of commerce, the business of billing is going virtual. Its versatility and reach makes a significant contribution to the advancement of manufacturers in the B2B and B2C communities.

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