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SAP Customer Experience: Engaging the new healthcare consumer

In the US, payers and providers are facing a myriad of critical, urgent challenges as the managed care industry transforms from volume-based to value-based systems. Among the most pressing challenges today is the emergence of the educated patient/beneficiary who demands more from their healthcare interactions. To effectively offer personalized engagement, companies must adopt a consumer-centric approach that serves people like never before.

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Consumerização em Serviços de Saúde: Imaginando um Futuro Revolucionário e Melhor
Nos Estados Unidos, tanto empresas de planos de saúde quanto prestadores de serviços de saúde estão enfrentando vários desafios urgentes e decisivos, graças à transformação do setor de assistência gerenciada que está deixando de ser um sistema baseado em volume e tornando-se um sistema baseado em valor.
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Healthcare: Insights & opportunities in the managed care industry

In the new healthcare landscape, both payers and providers are facing some key challenges. An aging population, complexity, operational costs and increased pressure from the digital transformation are coupled with regulatory burdens. With SAP Customer Experience, you can turn data into action, drive integration, automate for cost savings and more.

Key Challenges in Healthcare

An SAP Customer Experience Infographic describing the key challenges facing healthcare, and the actions healthcare payors and providers need to take.

Meet the demands of a changing healthcare market with SAP Customer Experience

One of the most pressing challenges today in the digital healthcare landscape is the consumerization of the industry, and the emergence of the educated consumer who demands more from their healthcare interactions. A primary force in this transformation is a patient-focused emerging payments model, where remunerations result from improving health instead of treating illness.

Now more than ever, patients and beneficiaries demand a seamless, personalized and consumer-friendly experience.

Healthcare companies are working diligently to figure out how to embrace consumerization, as it is part of the critical path to value delivery for payors and their beneficiaries, as well as providers and their patients. For visionary payors and providers, mastering consumerization – and addressing today’s savvy, informed, discerning consumers – is no longer a matter of “if,” but “when.”

With SAP Customer Experience, you can compete in this disruptive marketplace with end-to-end patient engagement.