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FAIR Consulting Group
Status: Silver
Extent of activity: Regional
Solutions: Commerce
Certified professionals: 24
Region/Countries: APAC,


In a nutshell:

FAIR Consulting Group is an IT and Management consulting company who delivers SAP Hybris products and services for better Customer Experience Management (CEM). Our promise is to always be FAIR - to our Employees, Customers, Partners and the Community.

Company description:

FAIR Consulting Group is an IT and Management consulting firm with focus on Customer Experience Management. We help companies build an enhanced customer experience for their customers by expanding their IT platforms’ capabilities. This is done through analytics, process improvements and system integration.

We help managing the projects throughout their full life cycle. Our engagement starts with understanding the Vision of our clients in what they try to achieve with their customers. We break down that Vision into one or many Strategies. For each strategy, we evaluate the As-Is process and define the To-Be process. The To-Be processes are then mapped into Business Requirements, which drives the needs of System Requirements. The Business Requirements and the improvements drives the Business Case and expected Return of Investment, which also drives the project budget and justification of system and vendor selections.

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