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The future is

SAP Hybris innovations

What is innovation?

Is it a set of algorithms that calculate today what people will want tomorrow? Virtual worlds that broaden our horizons as we explore them? Self-learning machines that make our work easier so that we have more time for the things close to our hearts?

Precisely. It's all that – and much more ...
Drive innovation with the SAP Hybris solution landscape, which provides your company with the right answers to important questions. Make faster, better decisions based on machine learning (ML). Revolutionize your customer experience with artificial intelligence. And while you're at it, optimize your service using IoT and Augmented Reality.

Whatever you want to achieve, choose SAP Hybris.
We have the innovative capabilities for the future security of your company.

Our innovations of today for your vision of tomorrow


Man vs. machine? Not at all. A machine without a vision is nothing. Artificial intelligence can only achieve its full potential through human understanding.

SAP Leonardo is machine learning fueled by data. You drive the self-learning algorithm so that you can discover new information more quickly, and understand it better, classify it, and forecast it.

You have the intelligent company, we have the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. Let us realize your vision together.

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Why work with SAP & SAP Hybris?

business customers around the world trust us

70 %
of global business transactions are run using our systems

100 %
of data delivered in real time, no matter your front-office system

Michael Gleich, Managing Director,
RINGFOTO GmbH & Co. ALFO Marketing KG

„Innovation is our lifeblood – without it we're going nowhere!“

Identify the trends of tomorrow today and remain flexible when marketing your products with machine learning from SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud.

Thomas Wasmuth, IT Director,
GKN PowerTrain, GKN Service International GmbH

"Innovation is the creativity to find new possibilities."

The Internet of Things enables you to discover new paths in service: Improve your customer experiences and avoid problems proactively with SAP Hybris Service Cloud.

Uwe May, Founder and Managing Director,
maihiro GmbH

"Innovation is 10% intuition and 90% effort."

Simplify sales tasks with artificial intelligence and generate personalized offers for your customers – automatically from SAP Hybris Sales Cloud.

Stefan Reiß, Central Scheduling Manager,
MEWA Textil-Service AG & Co. Management OHG

"Innovation is the decisive impulse for moving forward, being creative and supporting the progress of the company."

Support your customers with perfect service in every phase of their purchase. Charly, our digital customer assistant and chatbot will help you with this in SAP Hybris Commerce.

Use algorithms to track the customer journey


Customers leave data trails and give clear signals you can use to make your marketing more effective. All you need to do is interpret these signs correctly.

Machine learning (ML) acts like a tracker. Its algorithm identifies your customers' individual behavioral patterns and interests, and draws smart conclusions from the latest trends.

How does this benefit you? Integrated into SAP Hybris Marketing, can determine whether your marketing efforts are on the right track, and forecast when you should offer a price reduction to regular customers eager to purchase – down to which channel and which communication methods you should use.

Do you want to market your products and services more intelligently with ML? Then talk to our expert.

Self-repairing appliances enabled by ML and IoT

SAP Hybris Service Cloud

For many companies, the service sector has a lot of work to do to win over customers and retain them permanently.

With the Internet of Things, smart devices have the ability to register themselves for maintenance and repair work automatically, before they break, providing huge opportunities for service organizations to be proactive with customer engagement.

Check out a futuristic scenario that shows what these IoT and machine learning advances could look like. And make service improvements now, using the innovations of SAP Hybris Service Cloud, such as:

More effective processing of service requests

This has long been achievable with Ticket Intelligence for the automatic categorization and forwarding of requests to customer service.

Increased customer satisfaction

With recommended responses and solutions for troubleshooting automatically to your Service employees.

More productive sales force

Parts Recommendation provides your engineers with automatic suggestions for replacement parts based on the history of the service ticket.

Simplification of the service processes

There's nothing more annoying than being on hold for ages when you call a hotline. Service Assistant makes it easy, using voice recognition to simplify processing.

Better overview of your customer service

When you receive a lot of service requests, it is easy to lose an overview. Supervisor Insights provide an all-round view – with escalation values of tickets and estimates for ticket closures.

Future-oriented service advantage

Head towards a secure future with Ticket Intelligence, Recommended Responses, Parts Recommendation, Service Assistant, and Supervisor Insights, as well as other innovations.

Smart machine produces hot leads in Sales


Customers looking to buy no longer automatically turn to sales teams. They do their research online and gather information from social networks.

Your customer usually already has half the information they need before entering into dialog with your company, whereas your sales employees know next to nothing about the potential customer.

Support your employees with SAP Hybris Sales Cloud and integrated machine learning for a sales force that doesn't let hot leads cool down, even on the go.

Do you want even more good ideas for optimizing your sales? Our experts have got them:

Deal Intelligence

Drive better rates of return and more focus on the most promising business opportunities.

Account Intelligence

Optimize conversion rates based on signal scoring from internal and external data sources.

Lead Intelligence

Plan your sales activities at macro level – with more precise revenue forecasts.

Predictive Sales Forecasting

Get a list of leads with a click and enable automatic analysis of external data sources.

Sales Assistant

Finally provide relief for your sales employees – with automatic data entry via mobile and bot technology.

Sales Intelligence

Continuously innovative developments ensure intelligent offers, greater revenue, better predictability and increasing efficiency.

Artificial intelligence has a name: Charly

SAP Hybris Commerce

Professional commerce is laborious. Customers expect around-the-clock product availability in the digital age, and the offering is greater than ever before.

Companies that want to stand out from the masses have to offer more than a good range – perfect service before, during, and after purchase.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) helps, as integrated into SAP Hybris Commerce. We make the service process easier for you, for example, with our chatbot Charly. He is your customers' personal assistant who is on-hand to advise on product selection and recommend purchases, and he never gets tired. It's not science fiction – Charly is 100% real.

Why choose Charly?

Economical, easy to maintain customer service with flexible expansion options

Available 24/7 in multiple languages

Charly is like a "good friend" – you feel like he knows the customers since he can hold a natural conversation with them

By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse.

Gartner, Top Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond: Surviving the Storm Winds of Digital Disruption

At SAP Hybris we don't believe in innovation for the sake of it. We view our technologies as solutions for all the challenges that our customers have to overcome in the digital revolution.

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After all, you know that the future really is coming ...