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Sumário de soluções para a indústria

SAP Hybris Commerce Solutions for Manufacturing

Successful commerce requires a consistent experience across all channels and devices, for customers and suppliers alike. This is realistic and achievable, thanks to the growing sophistication and availability of data and communications technologies, ranging from mobile smart devices to cloud computing. These versatile technologies are moving companies towards a unique and tailored relationship structure for commerce, in which both sides – customer and supplier – have the information they need to move together towards a single source of truth.

Within the world of B2B, commerce is about facilitating the transaction processes necessary for the purchase and use of goods in business and industry. Business customers are insisting on the same ease of use and consistency they have experienced in the retail world. B2B buyers are already comfortable using self-service portals to manage their inventory and place orders.

The omni-channel marketplace provides opportunities for manufacturers to innovate through new revenue pillars, by leveraging existing direct-to-consumer (D2C) relationships and monetizing it through nontraditional products and services. The role of commerce is to ensure that customers are able to connect and transact all along their journey, Data, technology, and a refined vision of what is truly possible will move a company forward into a highly responsive and lucrative future.
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