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How to stay relevant in the new reality and future of industries

Manufacturers are using big data to engage customers more personally. Physical retailers are focusing on creating lifestyle showcase spaces, as transactions are increasingly made online. Learn more about how technology is blurring the lines between industries and changing consumer expectations.

Change can be scary.

But avoiding it is scarier. As a business, you will continue to face increasing global competition, intensifying market saturation, and rising customer expectations within your industry.

Learn how to embrace change and stay relevant with your customers.

Join Simon Mainwaring, a global speaker and brand expert, as he shares key insights of the digital world and the impacts on several key industries.

Meet the speaker

Simon Mainwaring
Founder & CEO of We First

Simon Mainwaring is the founder of We First, the foremost brand leadership firm that provides strategic consulting and training to transform companies into purposeful social brands and position them for rapid growth, social impact and cultural leadership.

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