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Solutions for Retail:
The Power and Possibility of Omnichannel

No matter your retail product, data is your supplier in the digital economy.

The lines between channels are more blurred than ever, but consumers expect the same high-quality service whether they’re in the dressing room or loading up their online cart. Now is the time to forge strong relationships with your customers that will bring them back again and again.
SAP gives you what you need to deliver innovative and personalized shopping experiences customers demand, across every touchpoint.

Case Study
Driving Customer Activation Using the SAP Hybris Customer Attribution Solution

At the heart of its operations, the SAP Hybris Customer Attribution solution offers a clear view into the true incremental value of its different marketing channels and campaigns. can therefore focus on its strategy of offering customers “savings smart and simple” by working collaboratively with its retail partners.

Tata CLiQ: Transforming the Digital Marketplace with SAP Solutions

Hear about SAP is helping Tata CLiQ breakthrough India’s infrastructure limitations to offer customers thousands of brand-name items on one online platform.

2017 小売事例:顧客が決定権を持つ

PwC と SAP は共同で、ヨーロッパの 6 カ国における小売業者 300 社および消費者 2,100 人以上を対象に、統合されたショッピングエクスペリエンスに関する消費者と小売業者の見解について調査しました。

Connect to consumers

SAP Customer Experience solutions for retail help you understand consumer behavior across every channel. If you can pivot quickly to meet their needs, your agility will be rewarded with increased sales and loyalty. From online to in-store to call center, you get a 360-degree view of all the customer data you need to make sure you’re not just meeting but exceeding their expectations.

The Future of Customer Experience

Don’t let legacy IT stop you from future-proofing your business. With SAP, your imagination can be your guide, because our flexible solutions are ready and able to support your vision. Whether you’re nurturing a small business or managing multiple channels across a large enterprise, expansion is just clicks away. SAP Customer Experience omnichannel solutions help you grow quickly and with ease.

Deliver great experiences to fashion customers
SAP Customer Experience can help you customize the digital experience of both in-store and wholesale buying with personalized merchandising strategies that stand out from the crowd.
Re-Inventing The Grocery Shopping Experience
Cultivate relationships with shoppers by getting to know them across all channels. With SAP you can give your customers the personalized, contextual offers that are the hallmark of great experiences.
LIDS: Advancing Digital Transformation with Help by SAP Cloud Services and Expert Services

The SAP Commerce Cloud, with guidance from SAP Customer Experience Expert Services, set the base for LIDS to build upon and continuously leverage the power of end-to-end innovation-driven digital transformation, as seamlessly as possible with an eye on the future.

The Future of Retail is Here

Join us at SAP Customer Experience LIVE and learn how to deliver the great experiences your customers love. Check out this guide that highlights the “can’t miss” retail sessions.

Body Shop がモバイルファーストの e コマースプラットフォームを立ち上げ

Body Shop がモバイルファーストの e コマースプラットフォームを立ち上げました。SAP Hybris 上に構築された新しいサイトは、コンテンツと e コマースが統合され、世界中の顧客が効率的に利用できるように設計されています。

小売業におけるロボットと AI:知っておくべき 8 つのこと



McKinsey による最近の調査では、米国の小売業者サプライチェーンにおいて、データ管理およびアナリティクスを導入した事業者の営業利益が過去 5 年間で 19% も上昇したことが明らかになりました。

2016 年、オンラインショッピングカート放棄により 4.6 兆ドルの売上機会が失われたのはなぜか