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VASS Consultoria de Sistemas S.L.
Status: Silver
Extent of activity: Regional
Solutions: Commerce
Certified professionals: 7
Region/Countries: EMEA,


In a nutshell:

VASS is an IT consulting firm founded in 1999 with a long expertise in all types of technology implementations and IT Service and very specialized in eCommerce implementations.

Company description:

VASS is an IT consulting firm founded in 1999 with the mission to offer our clients cutting-edge specialized services combined with a high level of innovation. We offer this model with large performance capacity. This positions us as a company capable of performing highly complex projects for large organizations. Innovation, agility, commitment and talent are the values that characterize us as a company and justify our motto “The value of making IT simple.”

We are a 100% private company with a clear international expansion having presence in various countries across Europe and America. With a total of almost 1,200 employees, revenues for 2015 are expected to be over €80 million. We are a company committed to helping others, dedicating 2% of our benefits to charitable causes.

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