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Market in the moment.

In today's digital world, customers don't want to be marketed to. Instead, they expect companies to anticipate and meet their needs. Gain a deeper insight into their profiles and engage them at the best moments, with the contextually relevant experiences that will surpass their expectations. To learn how to navigate the changing digital landscape, read the CMO Review Report from the CMO Elite Retreat event at SAPPHIRE.

CMO Review Report: Navigating change in the digital landscape

What is the impact of marketing technology?

Marketing teams leverage several technologies to help connect and engage with their customers. But how successful have these technologies been? And how can they create great customer experiences? See the results and explore what the key success factors for marketing managers are.
Insight #1
Share and collaborate on customer insights across departments. Only 55% are implementing solutions to share information across teams.
Insight #2
Even the limited data being collected is not being used to its full extent. 24% of respondents estimate that only 25-50% of data collected is used for real-time insights.

Understand your customers and give them relevant contextual experiences throughout their journeys with SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud.

The Sweet Spot: Why I am a Marketer

Why do I love being a marketer? A marketer can create moments of connection through great customer experiences. It's about finding the sweet spot where emotions lead to action. Why can't you, as a marketer, love what you do?

See how customers of SAP Hybris yield positive results creating a great customer experience. Driving Customer Activation Using the SAP Hybris Customer Attribution Solution
At the heart of its operations, the SAP Hybris Customer Attribution solution offers a clear view into the true incremental value of its different marketing channels and campaigns. can therefore focus on its strategy of offering customers “savings smart and simple” by working collaboratively with its retail partners.
HSE24: Cutting Lead Time for Campaigns From Weeks to Hours with SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP Hana
Learn how HSE24 exceeds their marketing goals with faster campaign execution, an increase in repeat purchasers and more sales to these customers using SAP Hybris Marketing solutions.

Win customers with real-time personalization.

Individual personalization involves understanding what a customer’s needs are in the moment – in real time – and responding to that individual customer with the understanding of his or her context and intent. Find out how to gain these customer insights.




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