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Beyond Print — A Guide For Magazine Publishers Exploring New Revenue Sources

Go Beyond Print—Way Beyond

With print advertising and subscriptions dropping, magazine publishers must seize new revenue opportunities. Now Beyond Print delivers valuable information and proven advice for crossing the digital divide—from monetizing more content to thinking more like a retailer.

In this quick, compelling guide, hybris executive and e-commerce pioneer Cliff Conneighton explores the new pillars of monetization, gives a candid assessment of digital commerce and monetization approaches—and provides clear next steps to get started. Hear from leading publishers, industry experts, technologists and others, all offering their advice and opinions.

Designed for magazine publishing executives who want to develop a winning digital strategy, Beyond Print helps turn worry into action—and content into revenue.

“Content may still be king, but you have to hold on really tight to your crown.”
— Cliff Conneighton