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Generate Revenue and Increase Profits With SAP Customer Experience for Utilities

Changes in the utilities business are happening at lightning speed. Consumers expect convenience and personalized service, bundled with relevant offers and expert advice. Stay ahead of the industry and fully charged with SAP Customer Experience solutions for the utilities industry.

SAP Customer Experience analyzes data to create a 360-profile of your consumer, allowing you to share contextual and personalized messaging across all channels and platforms.

Scopri di più con le nostre Knowledge Capsule sul settore delle utilities

Knowledge Capsule
Utilities: Armonizzare i processi intorno al cliente
I prodotti smart stanno rivoluzionando il modo di fare business e i clienti si aspettano un'esperienza coerente e convincente alla stregua di quella offerta nel retail online.
Knowledge Capsule
Utilities: Sfruttare il potere del cliente 
Le aziende di servizi di pubblica utilità devono andare incontro alle esigenze dei nuovi consumatori. La percentuale di abbonati digitalmente connessi alle aziende di servizi pubblici è in rapida crescita e, secondo uno studio recente, ha raggiunto il 44%.
Knowledge Capsule
Utilities: The Prosumer Opportunity

The new energy consumer is digitally enabled, hyper-aware, mobile, and social. SAP Customer Experience helps you find new business models to meet their needs.

Plug into the future with SAP Customer Experience omnichannel solutions

Competition is on the rise and deregulation, de-carbonization and decentralization are shaking up the field. Utilities need to offer more than just their core energy service.

With SAP Customer Experience omnichannel solutions, you can engage your customer – on any device and at any time – with an expanded portfolio of products and services, all designed to grow your revenue stream for the future.

SAP Customer Experience helps you analyze data quickly to create a clear picture of your consumer. That way, customer-service agents are transformed into trusted advisors. It’s all about selling  innovative, turn-key solutions and services, all in real time.

SAP Customer Experience: Personalized service makes your brand shine

SAP Customer Experience can give your service reps complete customer profiles that include situational data, prior purchase info, interaction history and best offers.

We know billing processes are complex. With SAP Customer Experience, simplify those processes and enable multi-sided business models with convergent billing. This makes it easier to sell add-on services or products and creates less complicated customer statements.

SAP Customer Experience: Omnichannel solutions powered by data

SAP Customer Experience takes the guesswork out of customer data. Bridge the gap between customer expectations and services, and future-proof your business model for an evolving digital marketplace.
Industry Solution Brief
SAP Customer Experience FAST FACTS for Utilities: Business Model Innovation (BMI)

New competitors are emerging for utilities, and SAP Customer Experience omnichannel solutions help you meet that challenge head on.

Blog post
Le aziende del settore utilities devono innovare i propri modelli di business per rimanere in vantaggio
Le aziende del settore utilities devono rivalutare i propri prodotti e le proprie modalità di distribuzione, comprendendo i bisogni dei singoli clienti - questo concetto è definito "business model innovation".
Industry Solution Brief
SAP Customer Experience Customer Engagement Solutions for Utilities

Modern customers are demanding. Deliver outstanding experiences every time with SAP Customer Experience.