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IDC Pan European Digital Executive Summit 2016 - Expanding Business in the Digital Age

Today’s consumers are always connected, leaving digital footprints and generating a huge amount of data everywhere. Marketers must use this data to map the customer journey and deliver customer-centric value.

Contextual understanding, along with the ability to engage the consumer constantly, enables businesses to deliver customer-centricity. Without a proper understanding of what “context” really means, it is truly impossible to understand how it affects marketing, customer relationships and the concept of opportunity cost for the business. Using the right “context” and leveraging data provides the marketers the unique opportunity to redefine customer interactions by being more relevant and personal.
The true power of “context” can be realized only when it can leverage data in real-time and there are major elements that make it possible:
  • Big Data harnessing: Collecting real-time data is important, but that’s not enough. Combining it with insights from historical context helps in ensuring a consistent customer experience.
  • Real-time predictive analytics: Gather real-time insights that provide fast and scalable analytics to make better informed and faster decisions to adapt to customer needs.
  • Cross-Channel experience: ‘Always-on’ consumers expect services when and where they want, in the channel of their choice, separately or simultaneously across devices. Blending the system to provide a seamless experience across channels cultivates loyalty and helps marketers provide true customer-centric value.
Watch the interview between Gerry Brown from IDC, and Renaud Sibel, Global VP Sales & General Manager SAP Hybris Billing, to learn on trends and how SAP Hybris helps businesses expand in the digital age by blending the front-end with a strong monetizing platform.