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SAP hybris Customer Service Solutions for Utilities

Utilities are facing unprecedented innovation and changes to their business models. A new, game-changing component is data, in the form of electrons and bits, streaming across the Internet, supplying knowledge and intelligence, sending and receiving crucial information to enhance relationships between utilities and those they supply. Utility companies are working hard to keep pace with the demands of a rapidly changing environment.

Customer service has always been about serving the consumer, and the techniques have changed substantially. The idea of helping individual account holders, using an interactive consumer-driven, omni-channel approach, extends well beyond physical media channels (phone, SMS, social). Timely, relevant, and proactive service and follow-up have replaced the patchwork of response styles that have been typical for decades. Delivering this level of service will require additional staff training and supervision. Although a utility may have thousands or millions of accounts, each customer expects to be treated as an individual, with personal data and history as the common interface.

To provide seamless and contextualized service, customer service agents must be empowered and data is the power source. Downtime is risky and dangerous in a market filled with empowered mobile consumers. It is essential to raise the bar of utility customer service at the front end, and all the way through the delivery systems.

Omni-channel proactive customer service is considered a win-win for both utilities and consumers. By shifting costly agent interactions to Web-based self-serve channels, both sides stand to gain in terms of service and cost. These opportunities exist everywhere, and they will progressively usher in a new age of easier and more profitable commerce.

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