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Deliver the experiences your customers demand

As a marketer, you’re sure to have come across people who think that marketing is easy. You know the ones – they don’t understand the amount of work goes into pulling together marketing activities and creating the experiences that your customers demand.

Your systems don’t need to be part of the problem. If you’re looking at integrated marketing, customer data management, e-commerce, sales or service systems, we can help.

We help marketers navigate challenges every day

Build and Run Intelligent Marketing Campaigns

Running multiple campaigns isn’t a bad thing – in fact, your customers expect you to send them personalised offers. But no matter how consistent your brand and messaging are, if you don’t have a holistic view of every customer touchpoint aligning all of your interactions, you can’t keep track of how much or how often you’re reaching your customers, and risk confusing them.

There is a way to break down marketing silos.

Experience real-time marketing that finds the right customers

Collecting data isn’t the issue – it’s turning that data into useful information that’s tricky. When data is coming from multiple systems and analytics resources are limited, it’s difficult to segment accurately or build customer profiles and develop effective, personalised offers.

Leverage modular solutions to deliver integrated outcomes

It’s a big ask – getting everyone to agree on a central platform for your marketing campaigns, emails, e-commerce and identity management, and then finding a vendor who can really deliver. But it’s worth the effort. A consolidated solution can help you deliver the consistent experiences your customers expect, break down silos, reduce time to market and deliver consolidated reporting.
Need help visualising what a consolidated platform can look like?

Manage all your marketing efforts from one place

Do you understand the true ROI of all your customer touchpoints and know which channels really matter to your customers? It could be key to truly understanding how all your engagements work together – and making them more effective. Every interaction helps build a complete view your customer relationships and direct the ongoing marketing mix.
Gather insights based on behaviours today and let those guide your actions going forward.

Ensure consistent and predictable customer experience

These days customers seek out deals and, where all else is equal, will take their business wherever they think they will get the best value. Customer experience is key – if you can deliver consistent, relevant customer experiences across channels, with rapid responses and competitive pricing, you will set yourself apart from your competition. It’s a big ask, but it’s worth the effort.
Find out how your systems can help you deliver these great customer experiences.

Deliver Great Marketing and Customer Experiences

Get close to your customers and deliver consistently great experiences at every touchpoint. SAP Customer Experience offers an integrated software solution that cuts cost, time and complexity, freeing you up to focus on being the kind of marketer you want to be. With solutions for commerce, marketing, sales, customer service, revenue and customer data management – we offer you the insights and capabilities you need to meet your customers’ expectations.


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