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Discover Technology
Status: Silver
Extent of activity: Regional
Solutions: Commerce, Sales & Service, Marketing, Billing
Region/Countries: Latin America,


In a nutshell:

Discover is recognized by eCommerce and software development skills. It has an experience with SAP technology.

Company description:

Discover is recognized by its database, middleware. eCommerce and software development skills. It has a very long experience with SAP technology, Java development and managed services. The company has customers from many different industries (publishing, education insurance, financial services, engineering, retail, transportation and logistics). To complement its strong technical background, Discover has been interacting with its key customers to understand their business needs, challenges and pains. In this way, we can offer better solution, providing more value and strengthening relationships.

Discover is not focused in a specific industry. It has customers from many different industries. However, Discover has been working closer with its customers to understand their pains and provide valuable solution which can be replicated to other companies in the same industries. We believe the borders of industries are blurring more and more. Competitors come from places we never imagined before. Cycles are shrinking constantly. We live a MVP era. Solutions must be implemented faster, provide value, been evaluated and refined in following cycles. Deliver faster, more frequently and provide incremental value.

Discover has been reinvent itself in the last couple of years. IT industry is going through a very drastic and profound transformation. Many key trends will shape the future of our industry and by consequence the future of all other industries. Among the main trends and technologies, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning), Internet of Things, Social and Blockchain are the key force that will influence and shape the future of IT. Believing in this trends, Discover has invested in order to acquire knowledge and capabilities on those areas, in other to prepare itself to the future. However, it needs to be done in a way that preserve its main sources of revenues. For this reason Discover sees itself as a bimodal or ambidexter organization. Discover has created Discover Lab to explore the new technological trends but has kept its main area, Discover Expertise, focused in providing all the other offerings and services it has developed in the last 22 years.

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