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Customer Service Begins Now with SAP Hybris Service Solutions

The evolution of service is in full swing, shifting from strictly a post-sale approach to an entire end-to-end process. It's no longer enough to wait for a customer call, e-mail or tweet. Instead, provide relevant, timely support to current, and even prospective customers along their journey. Ramp up your service teams today, and make customers happy throughout the entire buying journey.

Download the Forrester report to see how you can propel your service and reduce problems like customer dropout and complaints.

Forrester Report:
Supporting the Buying Journey with Customer Service

The best service is applied every step
of the way.


Four out of the top five most common customer service requests are related to product capabilities, accessories or usage.


Currently, companies see the greatest dropout of online buyers in the pre-purchase phases of their life cycles, when customer service representatives are least involved.

Morgan vs. The Home Theater System

Morgan is eager to set up her new Neat's Home Theatre System. She soon realises that the job isn't as easy as it looks and seeks help from Neat's customer service. Empowered by SAP Hybris Service Solutions, Neat's service team comes to the rescue!

Redefine and Revolutionise Customer Engagement

Make sure you're prepared to be more than just a complaint centre. SAP Hybris Service Solutions allows you to innovate how you do business so you can provide quality, real-time customer service wherever you or your customer may be.

Relevant experiences yield real results.

Some of our most successful customers include:

With SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, Bona chose to integrate its technology platform to improve service and engage customers through new channels. Now they can provide effortless service 24x7, and leverage new customers via new channels.


With SAP Cloud for Service at the helm of their Service Centre, NDCP is able to help their customers resolve their service inquiries the first time they call, ensuring a more satisfied customer.


With the help of SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales & Service, Vestas leverages mobile capabilities to access and update customer information in real time, bringing them closer to their goal of growing their service revenue by 40% in 3 years.


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