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White Paper

State of eCommerce in South East Asia

We’re pleased to present the first research repport on the state of ecommerce in South-East Asia. The research assesses eCommerce in the region for both B2C and B2B organisations. It explores what the challenges and growth opportunities are for those businesses trying to build and execute on an eCommerce strategy. One of the biggest influencers of the global growth of ecommerce has arguably been mobile technology and, within Asia Pacific, South-East Asia sees Internet and mobile penetration continuing to increase, complemented by some of the world’s highest social media usage rates. Indeed, online shopping is growing against a backdrop of relatively weaker physical infrastructure and distribution networks in some South-East Asian countries, creating unique opportunities as well as challenges for the growth of these fairly underdeveloped and fragmented ecommerce markets. In this environment, we see high interest from B2C retailers, B2B suppliers and related ecommerce services companies alike in developing the market, with both local and foreign investment that will drive maturity and innovation.
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