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SAP hybris Sales Solutions for Utilities

The utilities marketplace is changing to match the new omni-channel culture. Utilities are seeking new revenue models by transforming into a source of services and products. This change in approach is happening at a time when customers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to augment every aspect of their lives. Many utility companies are working hard to address this change in behavior, but the gap between “service supply” and “service demand” continues to widen.

Much of the sales relationship with residential customers has historically taken place in contact centers. But additional channels now exist alongside. Since residential customers are used to dealing with call centers in place of account managers as their primary point of contact, this becomes the focus for ongoing sales opportunities. A strong quality assurance model is necessary to make sure that interactions remain consistently positive.

For many utilities, commercial enterprises constitute a significant part of their business. Employees of these companies have already experienced omni-channel mobile sales and service, both as consumers and gradually through other B2B suppliers. They know it can be done, and they expect the same open and individualized relationship with their utilities.

Knowing the commercial customer also means revitalizing the usage and availability of back office data. Freed from traditional silos, the structured and unstructured data amassed through billing and customer service operations can develop into raw material for future business opportunities.

A key contributor to sales success is consistency throughout the entire operation, making sure business processes harmonize on the back end. Traditionally, utilities have been slower to arrive at this end-to-end consolidation, seeking instead to modify individual service methods in a more piecemeal fashion. Every activity involved in sales, from residential self-service portals to commercial account managers, must connect all the way to the back end. Only then can a utility realize a perpetuation of the sales process and a reduction in churn rates.

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