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Is your institution's
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Improve the citizen experience in the public sector with SAP

SAP: Engage the digital citizen

Public sector organizations need to engage, nudge and collaborate with citizens in a new way. Every action should be simple, straightforward and personal. From social media and mobile apps to self-service websites, SAP omnichannel solutions make these personalized interactions possible.

SAP: Personalized service anytime, anywhere

Citizens are used to one-stop shopping. They expect fast, convenient, and simple services – even from government agencies. SAP omnichannel solutions for citizen engagement delivers state-of-the-art digital services across multiple channels to meet those expectations.

Serve citizens better by helping them complete transactions using the channels they prefer, with always-on, personalized service. Save them time and reduce process complexity by providing reminders for repetitive tasks.

Simplify services and increase productivity with SAP

SAP solutions makes it easy to share data, which helps citizens and government easily share information across multiple agencies.

At the same time, SAP boosts productivity, by creating streamlined services. Agencies and citizens alike will benefit from simple, speedy processes.

SAP: Empowering citizens to participate

Empower citizens and allow more people to get involved in decision-making on issues that make a difference in their community. Offer more opportunities to participate in e-democracy and social information sharing.

Make it easy for citizens to do what they need to do, when and where they need to do it, using location based and mobile services.

Usher in the digital age with SAP

With SAP omnichannel solutions, automate and digitize the core “business-to-citizen” processes and services. Deliver a high-quality experience that simplifies the citizen journey.

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