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SAP Customer Experience for Manufacturing:
digital tools for an omnichannel world

Modern manufacturing is so much more than making and selling a product. Today, you’re selling services and distribution too. Knowing what’s coming next has never been more crucial.

At SAP Customer Experience we can help you spot future growth opportunities while keeping up with the expectations of your current clients. Our solutions give you the ability to deliver a seamless, intelligent customer experience every time, across every channel and device.

Customer Testimonial: Bona

With SAP Service Cloud, Bona chose to integrate its technology platform to improve service and engage customers through new channels. Now Bona can provide effortless service 24x7, and leverage new customers via new channels.

Case Study: Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

Over the past 100 years, Royal Cup has grown from its small, hometown roots to become a major importer, roaster and distributor of premium coffees and teas. With SAP Sales Cloud, Royal Cup anticipates 100% growth for opportunities in sales pipeline this year and expects revenue growth of 30 to 40% in the next 5-10 years.

Take a deeper dive with our Manufacturing Knowledge Capsules

Knowledge Capsule
The Aftermarket Opportunity
The aftermarket for manufactured goods is estimated to be four to five times larger than the original equipment business. To stay competitive, it is imperative to deliver world-class aftermarket capabilities.
Knowledge Capsule
Leveraging the Power of the Customer
People today are permanently connected 24/7/365 through their smart mobile devices, and this impacts more than just communication styles. It has changed attitudes towards some of the most fundamental components of commerce.
Knowledge Capsule
Harmonizing Processes Around the Customer
Manufacturers traditionally have difficulty sharing data and analytics between departments, channels, countries, and locations. In an economy where new mindsets have created Amazon, Uber, AirBnB and a host of online D2C companies, there is still a process gap for OEMs.

Engage your B2B customers with SAP Customer Experience solutions

Whether you are bundling SAP Commerce Cloud and services or launching a new product offering, you can easily deliver what the omnichannel marketplace demands with SAP Customer Experience.

The digital era gives you countless opportunities to foster strong and lasting relationships with your install base. Now, you can build and protect those bonds at every touchpoint and across every channel with SAP Customer Experience.

SAP Customer Experience and manufacturing: We understand your business

You may already know that SAP is a leader when it comes to ERP in the manufacturing field – in fact, chances are we’re already working with your business. SAP Customer Experience solutions easily integrate into the backend and use data you already have. That way, you can treat your customers like the individuals they are.

From the global enterprise to the small business, SAP Customer Experience supports an empowered front-line, sales staff and field techs to deliver exemplary experiences to your customer every time.

Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce 2017

Customer experience is the new battleground in the digital economy. SAP Customer Experience has been recognized as an industry leader in digital commerce and is being used globally by many well-known brands and organizations. SAP Customer Experience scored highest in the following 3 out of 5 use cases: Global and Enterprise, Digital Business and B2B.

Case Study
Krones: Creating a personalized, responsive shopping experience with SAP Commerce Cloud

Learn how Krones AG created a personalized, responsive shopping experience with SAP Commerce Cloud

Analyst Report
New Forrester Consulting Study: Mastering Omni-Channel B2B Customer Engagement
Companies like yours are harnessing digital technologies to improve touch points with buyers. But how do you weave all the touch points together with your existing channels to deliver more meaningful customer engagements and the perfect customer experience?
Blog Post
Adding the human touch to manufacturing
The core of business model innovation is the willingness for a company to bundle its products and services to create B2B, B2C, and B2B2C storefronts that generate revenues through service, not just product sales.