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Innovate on the fly with SAP high tech solutions

High tech is an evolving, complex field. Driven by innovators and visionaries who aren't afraid to be disruptive, you have to be creative to compete. With SAP Customer Experience on your side, it’s much easier to forecast the future and stay focused on the personalized details that matter to your customers today. Our business-user tools let you quickly create customized solutions for clients without having to call in IT.

Take a deeper dive with our High Tech Knowledge Capsules

Knowledge Capsule
High Technology: The Aftermarket Opportunity

Aftermarket boosts revenue streams through ongoing sales/service of the install base. To stay competitive, it is imperative that OEMs deliver world-class aftermarket capabilities coupled with self-service.

Knowledge Capsule
High Technology: Leveraging the Power of the Customer

People today are permanently connected through their smart mobile devices, and this impacts more than just communication styles. It has changed attitudes towards some of the most fundamental components of commerce.

Knowledge Capsule
High Technology: Harmonizing Processes Around the Customer

High Technology companies must harmonize all processes around the customer. Customers are expecting a consistent and compelling experience at every stage across all channels.

Unpack your data resources with SAP Customer Experience

Imagine an empowered front line that can see complete customer data. From sales notes to service calls, and easily assist the customer without delay or transfers to different departments. SAP Customer Experience takes all of your data and puts it together in a simple, concise format that allows rapid response and customizable experiences.

Your data is a puzzle in a box. All of the pieces are there, but putting them together is a challenge. SAP Customer Experience helps you arrange the shapes, forming a dynamic final product that makes sense. Apply your data across each customer touchpoint with omnichannel solutions for highly personalized service. Now you can show off your real-time agility and intuitiveness as a high-tech provider.

SAP Customer Experience: Digital tools for an omnichannel world

The worlds of B2C and B2B are blending and blurring. SAP Hybris can help you clarify your vision, establish lifelong customer relationships and revenue streams, reduce costs, drive higher returns and optimize mobile performance. At the same time, you can also provide outstanding customer service.

Case Study: Ingram Micro

For its e-commerce platform, Ingram Micro Mobility selected SAP Commerce Suite. Now the company can better meet customer needs while boosting average order value and conversion rates. Not only has the company achieved its goal to enhance the customer experience, but it also streamlined business operations, driven incremental revenue, and accelerated time to customer value.

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Case study: Adobe's digital transformation story

See how SAP Billing helps Adobe solve their billing challenges as they transition their products and services into the cloud.

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