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Win the micro-moment with SAP omnnichannel solutions

Personalized offers delivered in a micro-moment can mean the difference between making a sale or a customer making the switch to another consumer products brand. Research shows that more than a third of consumers made a purchase from a competing brand, thanks to an offer they got on their mobile device.

SAP solutions support multiple channels and business models for complex consumer brands. Get a single view of your customer (B2B) or consumer (B2C), and deliver personalized shopping experiences every time.

55% of consumers who conduct product research use technology.

47% of consumers point to reviews, social media posts, and past purchases as the best places for marketers to gather insights about them.

10x Brands that are loved by consumers, experience brand value appreciation 10 times greater than brands that are less loved.

SAP: Customer experiences that stand out from the crowd

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, digitally connected shoppers can get almost everything they need with the touch of a button or the click of a trackpad. Capture consumer loyalty and share of wallet with joyful and engaging customer experiences with SAP solutions.

With SAP, you can deliver consistent, contextual customer journeys and seamless purchasing across every channel and every device

Go from carts to hearts with SAP

Win every moment by making your customer’s lives better and easier. With SAP, you can create flexible and tailored shopping options, and even meet the growing appetite for subscription services.

Engage the “I want it right now” consumer by understanding their lifestyle. SAP solutions for consumer products give you a 360-degree view of your shopper, so you can serve up experiences custom-made for them.

With SAP, you’re primed for the digital transformation.

The Future is Here

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