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Make your bank about personal value, not interest rates and transactions.

Build relationships and wallet share by engaging
customers with day-to-day personalized value.

Build customer loyalty with SAP Hybris for banking and finance

All banks are built on relationships. You need to know each client, their families, their businesses and their financial goals. It used to be that personal banking meant looking your customers in the eye when they came to make a deposit or ask for a loan. Today, it is much more complicated. Data rules.

You can’t change the reality that in-person banking has drastically declined, and you cannot expect your employees to recognize the faces that come through the door since they rarely see them. So how do you regain the important personal relationship with your customers? SAP Hybris solutions for finance empowers your bank with real-time information and insights so you get to know your customer again.

SAP Hybris for banking: Occasional Sales, Full-Time Personalization

You need data to anticipate what your customers want and need. SAP Hybris helps you transform that critical information into insights, advice and personalized products for your customers.

Build Share of Mind with SAP Hybris solutions

SAP Hybris puts the power of customer retention in your hands. By delivering great, omnichannel experiences, you can show your customers that you understand them and become their trusted partner. Online banking offers you the chance take advantage of each customer touchpoint, building share of mind and loyalty with each interaction.

SAP Hybris: Rebuild Customer Relationships

With insightful customer data at the fingertips of every employee, you can empower everyone in your organization to know and assist your clients without having to transfer them to someone else. Customer data, service calls, queries about loans – all of these interactions can be used to fortify relationships with your clients.

SAP Hybris solutions for banking and finance can help you retain customers, increase revenue and produce long-term growth and stability.

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