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Own your automotive marketplace

Check out Manufacturers Reap Benefits From Selling Direct, a 2017 Forrester Consulting Custom Technology Adoption Profile Comissioned By Mirakl And SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris for Automotive: Driving customer expectations in the vehicle marketplace

New revenue opportunities far beyond the showroom floor are revving up in the automotive industry. The digital transformation is driving a changing role for dealerships, revised ownership models and financial services for customers, and a fresh take on aftermarket sales and service business.

SAP Hybris helps you fine-tune future growth opportunities while exceeding customer expectations. Our dealership integration solutions offer the ability to deliver a seamless, intelligent customer experience every time, across every channel and device.

42% of respondents to a supplier survey by SAP and AASA believe technology will impact the aftermarket in three to five years.

19% of respondents believe technology is already impacting the aftermarket now.

50% of suppliers are looking to add transaction capability directly with individual consumers, up from 8% currently.

Source: A commissioned study conducted by SAP and AASA, 2016

Empower your network with SAP Hybris solutions

Whether you’re launching a new marketing campaign for your used-car marketplace or a national push to promote the latest model, you can easily deliver what the global storefront demands – beyond vehicle sales.

The digital era gives you countless ways to forge strong and lasting relationships with your customers and prospects. From pre-commerce to a driver’s portal to e-mobility: any aspect of the automotive market can now be supported across every touchpoint and channel with SAP Hybris.

New revenue, new opportunities

The driver ecosystem is the fastest growing sector in the automotive industry. As companies experiment with new vehicle ownership business models, it’s critical to have the right tools to fine-tune your organization, understand customer preferences and boost customer loyalty.

SAP Hybris business-friendly digital tools help business innovators test and explore new monetization strategies. From global automotive enterprise to small business, SAP Hybris supports an empowered front office, sales teams and service to deliver great customer experiences every turn.

Solution Brief
The automotive marketplace revs higher
New developments completely changing the automotive industry. Companies that look beyond the traditional pillars of the industry and see the potential of combining data, people and innovation to extend the life of a sale far beyond the showroom floor will go full-speed ahead in the digital age.
Knowledge Capsule
The new age of individual automotive
Every sector of the automotive industry has been affected by the digital transformation and changing consumer tastes. Web-enabled technology, paired with the need to singularize each supplier-customer relationship, means every transaction needs to be a one-to-one activity.
Case Study
DPaschoal adopts SAP Hybris as its platform for an omnichannel strategy
DPaschoal has reformulated its commercial and digital strategy. The company adopted SAP’s Hybris platform for integrating the operations and inventory of its 180 physical stores with its e-commerce operation, becoming the first omnichannel tire and autoparts store in the market.