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Segmentation and Campaign Management

Experience real-time marketing that finds the right customers

Make your campaigns more effective with a solution that finds the right target audience and gets a personal message to them, through the channels they use. With SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, you can give your customers individual experiences at exactly the right time, while giving you invaluable customer insight.

With powerful tools that enable you to analyze and use data as it’s created, you can react instantly to customer behavior as it happens. And that data feeds your customer scoring and key performance indicators, helping you make your next campaign as effective as the last one – if not better.

This is marketing for today’s digital world – personalized, targeted experiences that keep customers engaged.

Build and Run Intelligent Marketing Campaigns

Once you’ve found the right people to talk to, SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud makes it easy to reach them – and helps you make sure they’re listening to you.

SAP and Facebook extend your reach
How do you know who will connect with you and become a customer? With SAP and Facebook, you now have two of the most powerful tools on the planet to find those people by identifying your best customers and then finding others who look just like them.

FREE TRIAL: SAP Marketing Cloud

Experience the deep, real-time customer insights SAP Marketing Cloud provides with a 30-day free trial of SAP Marketing Cloud – sample data included.

Segmentation and Campaign Management: key features

Use rich, dynamic customer profiles to adapt and deliver individualized treatments in real time.

Do more with less: make your campaigns more effective and avoid spending money on campaigns you don’t need.

Get your campaigns ready faster without involving IT using easy-to-use visual exploration tools that transform the look and feel of your marketing.

Engage with your audience using the channels they prefer, from email to social media, for meaningful conversations they’ll remember.

Campaign Workflow

Easily set up multiwave, multi-channel and trigger-based marketing campaigns.

Customer Journey Details

See your customers’ journeys, from first contact to purchase and all the stages in between.

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