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Drive transformation with multitouch measurement

Find out more on how SAP Customer Attribution can take you a step closer to the end goal: closed-loop marketing.

SAP Customer Attribution

Change your digital measurement and optimization game

SAP Customer Attribution lets you organize data to align with your business needs, gain insight into the performance of each marketing touchpoint, and immediately react to opportunities for growth. Get a better understanding of what’s really triggering customer engagement.

SAP Customer Attribution Solution Video

Organize data to align with your business needs and gain a better understanding of what’s really triggering customer engagement.

Key features of our performance attribution software

Consolidates data from multiple sources and channels onto a single, unified platform.

Support agile decision making about advertising and media choices to optimize marketing spend.

Drive optimal allocation of budgets in real time with automated data feeds to all execution platforms.

Enrich and validate marketing data for a more accurate and in-depth view of customers.

Provides real-time, multivariate analysis of the value delivered by marketing touchpoints.

Runs simulations of the impact of planned changes to marketing tactics.

Optimizes marketing performance by prioritizing activities and customer segments that contribute most with machine learning.

Assist sales growth without increasing budgets by focusing on the touchpoints that deliver the greatest return on investment. Driving Customer Activation Using the SAP Customer Attribution Solution

When wanted to increase its customer base while optimizing media spend, it turned to SAP.


Optimize resources across your marketing portfolio to plan for future scenarios using predictive analytics.

Daily Trends

Pinpoint changes in performance as they occur with daily measurement across channels.

Campaign Extensibility - SAP Marketing Cloud - Features and Configurations

Learn how to enrich your campaigns.

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Raise Your Digital Measurement and Marketing Optimization Game

With the SAP Customer Attribution solution, you can gain insight into the performance of every marketing touchpoint and immediately react to make the most out of your market opportunities.

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