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Marketing Lead Management

Drive demand and improve sales effectiveness

Bring sales and marketing together and get them working towards a common goal: more customers and more revenue. With marketing lead management from SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, your sales people benefit from marketing’s knowledge and expertise, thanks to tools that generate leads, nurture them, and seamlessly transfer them to sales. Accompanied by the kind of customer insights that can make the difference between a deal won and a deal lost, this is collaboration for the digital age.

Clear, easy-to-read dashboards make managing your leads quick and simple.

Integrates natively with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for seamless business information flow and integration with no need to modify IT business rules and integration logic.

Marketing Lead Management: key features

Develop leads from the moment customers start their journey with you, getting the right messages to them at the right time.
Back up high-quality leads with in-depth customer intelligence and context to give your sales people a flying start.
Comprehensive overview of KPIs and benchmarks means you can keep an eye on how your lead management is doing, and make it easy for everyone else to understand that information.
Designed to complement SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer to work out-of-the-box and can be easily integrated with third party solutions.

Improve alignment between marketing and sales teams by increasing the visibility of leads, campaigns, and results.

Engage with customers on multiple levels including both account and contact levels.

Gain a holistic and 360-degree of your contacts for better engagement.

Predictive lead scoring helps identify those leads you need to nuture and then pass onto Sales as high-quality leads.

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