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Dynamic Consumer and Customer Profiling

Understand your customers like never before

Consolidate first-party customer data across not only marketing, but also from sales, service, commerce, as well as back office financials, accounts, and also the external data sources to build an enriched dynamic customer profile. Practice robust data privacy and consent to build customer trust.

With marketers using an average of at least 20 different systems and tools to gather huge amounts of data, you need a solution that can look at it all to create a single view of the customer. SAP Marketing Cloud gives you that view – and an understanding of the customer that goes beyond the everyday.

Using real-time insights, HSE24 gets closer to their customers

Learn how HSE24 is using in-memory computing and predictive analytics tools, to offer a personalized experience in real-time and reduce product return rates.

Understand your customers in real-time

See how our Consumer and Customer Profiling tool, which is the bedrock of the SAP Marketing Cloud, gives you deeper insights into your customers.

Customer Profiling: key features

Build complete, 360-degree customer profiles with first-party transactional and behavioral data from multiple channels – so you never miss an opportunity.

Tap into hidden trends in customer behavior with propensity models and advanced analytics that predict what they’re going to do next.

Powerful discovery and visualization tools give deeper insights into behavior and patterns, helping you to better understand your customers’ journeys.

Gain your customers' trust and rest easy by meeting the necessary requirements for obtaining verifiable consent from your customers when collecting and using their personal data.

Case Study: HSE24 used SAP Marketing Cloud to focus its marketing efforts on specific customers

HSE24, Germany’s original shopping channel, relies on targeting very specific parts of its customer base with highly focused marketing campaigns. When it needed to make these campaigns more accurate it turned to SAP Marketing Cloud, giving its marketing people the ability to plan and run their own campaigns. “We can [now] get a picture of the customer in seconds – including data coming from new sources like social media,” says Norbert Paulus from HSE24. That’s enabled the firm to execute campaigns 20%t faster and increase sales to repeat purchasers by 30%.

Contact Profile

Gain a quick and comprehensive snapshot of your contacts and accounts from interaction history, interest, lead scoring, etc.

Customer Journey Insight

See your customers’ journeys from first contact, to purchase, and all the stages in between.

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