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Building Loyalty and Advocacy

Make your loyalty programs work harder for you and your customers
Create a loyalty program that’s fit for today’s digital world - one that rewards customers every time they interact with your business and gives you meaningful insight into their behavior. From writing a review to making a referral, SAP Loyalty Marketing engages your customers everywhere and helps keep them engaged.
Target customers better by leveraging location context through iBeacons and geo-fences.
Build customized digital loyalty cards and coupons that will automatically work across mobile wallets from Apple and Google.

SAP Loyalty Marketing: key features

Encourage customers to return by rewarding them for purchases and loyalty, so you get more data and insight, helping to create an even more rounded customer profile.
Turn loyal customers into brand advocates. They share their experiences with their network of contacts, with cloud-based, advocacy-driven and mobile-delivered programs.
Deliver a complete loyalty experience by integrating loyalty programs with your core commerce and marketing operations across all channels.

SAP Marketing Cloud: loyalty related content

Drive retention and advocacy with SAP Loyalty Marketing

See how SAP Loyalty Marketing gets customers on board from even before they’ve spent any money – and how you can use it to keep them coming back for more.

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