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The 2018 Gold Guide:
Everything you need to know about C/4HANA

Our new Gold Guide provides the insights you need to run your business with purpose, and introduces you to SAP C/4HANA.

Discover SAP C/4HANA

Experience the fourth generation of CRM. Built for emerging business models, SAP C/4HANA brings together customer data, machine learning and microservices technology to power real-time customer experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce and beyond.

Products for Commerce

Become a true omni-channel business and drive digital transformation with SAP Commerce Cloud, delivering contextual customer experiences and unifying customer processes across all digital and physical touchpoints.

SAP Hybris Commerce for B2B
Tame complexity by consolidating the management of multiple business models, channels and markets. SAP Hybris Commerce for B2B helps organizations accommodate a wide variety of suppliers, distributors and stores – all on a single platform.
SAP Hybris Commerce for B2C
SAP Hybris Commerce for B2C delivers the capabilities organizations need to adapt to changing customer behavior and lead their digital transformation with omni-channel commerce.
SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator
With working storefront templates and the business tools you need to create an exceptional customer experience, this ready-to-use commerce solution is available in various industry flavors, including B2C, B2B, Telco, Financial Services, Travel, and the Chinese market – so your sites will be pre-stocked with the market-specific capabilites and features your customers want.
SAP Hybris Commerce, cloud edition
SAP Hybris Commerce, cloud edition is the ideal option for deploying SAP Hybris Commerce without extensive IT involvement. It gives you all the omni-channel commerce capabilities of the SAP Hybris platform in a world-class private cloud.
SAP Hybris Commerce, standard edition
Hybris Commerce simplified, Edge Edition takes the core features of our leading commerce solution and packages it specifically to meet the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises, both B2C and B2B.
SAP Hybris Product Content Management
Integrate with existing backend systems and consolidate multiple data domains onto a single platform with our scalable, user-friendly PCM solution. Create a single source of truth that supports collaboration between different departments and ensures content consistency across all sales and service channels.
SAP Hybris Commerce, order management
Help your customers make, receive and return orders through any channel they choose with SAP Hybris Commerce, order management. With a centralized view of all order information, it complements existing back-office logic as a hub for orders from multiple order entry systems, channels and touchpoints.
SAP Hybris Customer Experience
SAP Hybris Customer Experience brings you advanced web content management capabilities such as SmartEdit, an intuitive new tool that builds relevant, personalized customer experiences.
SAP Hybris Merchandising
This SAP Hybris cloud solution provides contextual merchandising that personalizes the customer experience based on real-time business metrics.
SAP Hybris Digital Asset Management by OpenText
Deliver great customer experiences across all your digital channels and take control of your digital assets with SAP Hybris Digital Asset Management. Access, manage, use and repurpose your digital content - anywhere, anytime.

Products for Marketing

SAP Marketing Cloud

This contextual marketing solution uses real-time insights to help you develop a deeper understanding of your customers – and then deliver them highly individualized experiences across all channels.


SAP Marketing Cloud

Gain deeper customer insights with machine learning, and deliver in-moment customers engagements that are individualized to their changing needs and interests. SAP Marketing Cloud solution provides flexible and extensible platform to work within your investments and to grow with your business.

SAP Hybris Loyalty
SAP Hybris Loyalty is an advocacy-driven loyalty solution that can help you enhance customer retention in a more meaningful way.
SAP Hybris Customer Attribution
SAP Hybris Customer Attribution uses patented machine learning technology, built on game theory, to help you understand which of your marketing activities are driving specific customer engagements.

Products for Sales

SAP Sales Cloud is our easy-to-use cloud sales application. Going well beyond the traditional CRM approach, it maximizes sales productivity by making great use of real-time analytics, email and notes integration, collaborative and social selling, sales performance management and much more.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, Retail Execution
Get real-time ROI on campaign results while strengthening your customer and vendor relationships with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, Retail Execution. Designed for organizations in manufacturing, distribution and retail, it enhances the productivity of sales representatives by providing a guided selling approach to execute on the perfect store visit.
Sales Force Automation

Streamline your sales processes so your team can spend less time on admin and more time selling. SAP Sales Cloud frees up your people to create more leads and pursue opportunities with greater propensity to close, and gives them the information they need when they need it to better nurture and engage customers

Sales Performance Management

Accelerate your sales teams’ performance and build a rock star sales team from day one. Turn sales strategy into action to drive revenue, exceed goals and objectives and build an effective and efficient sales team.

Products for Service

Our cloud-based customer service and field service software makes it easy to offer a consistent experience across all channels, access complete and contextual customer information, and gain real-time insight into call center performance and field service management.

SAP Customer Engagement Center

Resolve your customer queries faster with a unified agent desktop with built-in communication channels. Create a consistent customer experience by managing all customer contacts in the same interface.

Proactive Field Service

Deliver seamless service in the field. Know what resources are available and equip your service technicians with the right knowledge and connect them with the right parts to solve onsite problems.

Omni-Channel Call Center

Transform your call center into a true customer-engagement center by meeting customers in the channel of their choice, answering questions quickly and driving purchasing decisions with expert guidance.

SAP Hybris Real-Time Communicator by Genband
The internal and external chat tool and internal video chat tool allows enterprises of all sizes to improve workflow and communications processes by enabling sales, service and business professionals to instantly chat, video conference and collaborate in real-time with their customers and co-workers.

Products for Billing

Monetize your digital transformation. SAP Hybris Billing offers full transaction transparency, supporting local and international accounting needs from small businesses to large enterprises. It is available for both B2C and B2B scenarios as either separate billing and invoicing solution components or a full, end-to-end solution.

SAP Hybris Billing, subscription order management
Create real-time, personalized subscription offers based on a 360° view of customer activity and interactions – and make them instantly available for quoting and ordering across all channels.
SAP Hybris Billing, mediation by DigitalRoute
Created by DigitalRoute, the mediation component of SAP Hybris Billing lets you collect, verify, filter and consolidate usage data from a wide range of sources across all systems, before routing it to applications such as billing, fraud management, and business analytics.
SAP Hybris Billing, service control by DigitalRoute
Calculate and aggregate service usage and view behavioral histories for an accurate and relevant response in accordance with defined subscriber profiles. The service control component is an extension of SAP Hybris Billing, mediation.
SAP Hybris Billing, charging
Use the charging component of SAP Hybris Billing to quickly configure, test and align monetization models for adaptable customer pricing and partner revenue-sharing models. With this in your toolbox you will be able to create personalized, flexible offers that stand out from the competition.
SAP Hybris Billing, invoicing
Get a streamlined process for developing consolidated views of billing across multiple services with this invoicing component of SAP Hybris Billing. Send clear and accurate invoices to ensure prompt payment and reduce billing-related customer inquiries.
SAP Hybris Billing, customer financials
Optimize revenue management with the customer financials component of SAP Hybris Billing. Use contextual insight into customer behavior and trends to enable highly customized service, and automate payment tracking to ensure bills are paid and collected on time.
SAP Hybris Billing, flexible solution billing
Consolidate billing for both products and services with simple, configurable invoicing thanks to this flexible solution billing component.

Products for Customer Data Management

Build trusted digital relationships with your customers and grow your audience by turning unknown online visitors into known, loyal customers. Increase consumer engagement, trust and loyalty and protect your business.

SAP Customer Identity

Give visitors a frictionless and secure “front door” to your business, with traditional, social and passwordless registration, single sign-on, and data federation features. Identify customers across all digital touchpoints while protecting them from identity theft and fraud.

SAP Customer Consent

Build trust with customers by presenting clear terms and policies, tracking and managing consumers’ profiles, consent and preferences across their relationship with your business in an audit-ready vault, and put customers in control of their data through a self-service preference center.

SAP Customer Profile

Transform a wide variety of customer profile data into a single unified profile that can be governed centrally and orchestrated broadly across brands, channels and markets, and analyzed to deepen your understanding of your audience and drive conversions and loyalty.

Cross-functional Solutions

SAP Hybris Profile
Capture and analyze customer interactions, contexts and behaviors to create a continually evolving intelligent profile, enabling a deeper understanding of your customer's motivation and intent, in real-time. This enables customer facing touchpoints like commerce and marketing to react and interact in much more personal ways.
SAP Signature Management by DocuSign, add-on for SAP Hybris solutions
Securely sign and manage documents online from any device with the most widely used e-signature solution. Accelerate transactions, reduce costs and manage the signature process for customers, partners, suppliers and employees.