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SAP Customer Identity

Identify and engage customers across channels and devices

Turn anonymous online visitors into known, loyal customers. Securely identify and engage customers across channels and devices, provide a convenient way for customers to connect with your digital properties, deliver a more relevant customer experience based on first-party data, and protect your customers and your business with advanced security and privacy features.

SAP Customer Identity: key features

Create a frictionless experience across brands, channels and devices, with secure registration and social authentication screens and flows customizable for your particular business case.

Securely identify online visitors from any touchpoint, with federation standards, single sign-on functionality, and risk-based, multi-factor, and password-less authentication options.

Capture customers’ permission-based identity data to power personalized, in-moment marketing, sales and services, while respecting consumer privacy and addressing data protection regulations.

Benefit from specialized protection against account takeover and DDoS attacks, as well as account harvesting detection, with a “strength in numbers” approach to information security.

Product Brief:
SAP Customer Identity

Learn how to create a frictionless, personalized and value-packed digital experience across devices, brands and channels while respecting the privacy and security of your customers.

Learn how to securely identify and engage customers across brands, channels and devices.