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Forrester names SAP leader in B2B Commerce

B2B Commerce

The best of B2C for your B2B customers

Everyone’s a customer. Deliver a B2C-caliber experience in a business environment with SAP Commerce Cloud for B2B. This commerce solution can give your customers seamless opportunities to buy at every stage of their journey, no matter the complexity of your business.

B2C-style personalization and targeting lets you exploit new market opportunities, and the ability to manage an extended ecosystem of suppliers, distributors and partners and support multiple business models on a single platform helps keep things simple and costs down.

SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator is a ready-to-use B2B commerce solution that lets you get up and running quickly with minimal setup time.
Easily create contextual experiences for certain target groups and edit your site layout with an intuitive interface.

Take a closer look

Download these data sheets for more information about our commerce products:
Data Sheet: SAP Hybris Commerce for B2B

Learn more about how SAP Hybris B2B Commerce makes it possible to deliver a first-class omni-channel B2C experience to your B2B customers.

Solution Brief: SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud enables organizations to deliver personalized digital commerce experiences. The feature-rich and comprehensive commerce platform simplifies digital transformation, reduces TCO, and accelerates time-to-value. Download the solution brief for an overview of our industry-leading commerce cloud platform.

Data Sheet: SAP Hybris PCM
Learn how the Hybris master data management product for commerce, SAP Hybris Product Content Management (PCM), delivers consolidation and centralized management of product information and attributes across all channels.
Data Sheet: SAP Hybris Commerce, Order Management
Streamline your order processes across all channels with SAP Hybris Commerce, Order Management Services solution. Get a single view of your demand, inventory and supply globally.

SAP Commerce Cloud for B2B: key features

Manage content – and your entire catalog – from one place.
Manage different businesses from a single platform, including your relationships with different suppliers, distributors and partners.
Advanced personalization and targeting, self-service, support for complex product configurations and excellent search and navigation.
Make order processing across all channels quick and easy, including complex arrangements such as bulk ordering, order replenishment and multi-channel fulfillment.
Cater for different buyer types, purchasing processes and payment options.
Create an experience that will keep customers coming back. React in real time to their behavior and give them a personalized experience that’s relevant to their needs.
Enable B2B customers to manage their own accounts and place orders. They can assign rights to employees, set up purchasing limits, and maintain individual budgets.
Support even the most complex product configurations and specifications, including products with multiple dimensions and price lists tailored for individual customers.

Build an online community that helps your customers make the right purchase. SAP Jam Communities integrates directly with SAP Commerce Cloud for B2C, and allows you to use content and reviews to boost customer confidence in your products.

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