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Subscription Order Management

Win new customers with targeted subscription packages and boost average revenue per customer.

Enter and disrupt new markets by using SAP Hybris Billing, subscription order management to design customer-targeted subscription offers that are instantly available to order. Keep customers happy and protect your bottom line by making sure complex packages can be delivered and are billed correctly.

Factsheet: SAP Hybris Billing, subscription order management

Subscription order management from SAP Hybris Billing enables your business to be as flexible as its customers. Monetize subscriptions, usage and revenue-sharing models flexibly, while managing all aspects of subscription order management – from order capture, to order distribution, to change order processes – across all touchpoints.

Subscription order management: key features

Be agile and find new customers by quickly designing and adapting subscription offers that contain the right mix of products, projects, recurring and one-time services, entitlements and third-party content.

Capture and monitor subscription orders to ensure that what is ordered is both delivered and billed accurately.

Give your agents a single view of customer interactions throughout their journey, to deliver a great customer experience and reduce costs.

Manage contract changes, renewals and extensions automatically.

Manage B2B master agreements and account hierarchies.

Reduce order management costs by specifying entitlements, such as what a department can order or buy, and defining a credit pool that can be used across departments.