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Agile Charging

Put your customer at the heart of your pricing plans.

Whether your company is subscription-based, usage-based, or a hybrid of the two, you need to be equipped to launch customer-focused pricing models and offers that differentiate you from the competition. Meter the services you deliver and calculate usage-based fees and subscription charges in real-time to give your subscribers control over their spending.

Fact Sheet:
SAP Hybris Billing, charging

Bring competitive subscription and metered services to market with flexible pricing management with SAP Hybris. To stay competitive, you need to define and apply the right prices to products and services, and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Customers want to subscribe to the perfect offer and manage their expenses in real-time. And, your partners need comprehensive revenue-sharing systems. SAP Hybris helps you achieve the transparency, agility and flexibility required for a digital world.

Charging: key features

Configure, not code: bring new pricing models to market with agility and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Deliver great experiences by designing pricing models that reward loyalty and offer partners flexible terms.

Manage pricing for multiple services on a single platform that dynamically scales from small to extreme transaction volumes with 99.999% uptime.

Put the customer first by letting them buy, stack and share allowances, entitlements and add-ons across all their devices, family members or business units, and make changes to those allocations in real time.

Get going quickly with flexible APIs that let you integrate SAP Hybris Billing, charging into your current business environment easily.

Create personalized, targeted offers while still keeping your product catalog manageable and consistent.

Be ready for the internet of things with support for large numbers of connected devices and, shared users and quotas.

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SAP Hybris Billing
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