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Status: Silver
Extent of activity: Regional
Solutions: Commerce, Sales & Service, Marketing
Region/Countries: EMEA,

Russian Federation

In a nutshell:

NORBIT Company specializes in the field of informational technologies and is a LANIT Group company, the largest system integrator in Russia.

Being a Gold Partner of SAP since 2004 NORBIT is one of the leading Russian IT-consulting companies in the field of development and implementation of ERP- and CRM-systems and develops its own solutions for business management and electronic commerce.

Company description:

The NORBIT company, is the leading expert in the IT-consulting market and specializes in the development and implementation of the efficient business automation solutions.

For more than 16 years the Company is working the field of Information Technologies and has the highest partner status of the world’s leading vendors. NORBIT represents one of leading expertise on the development and implementation of CRM, ERP and BI systems in the Russian IT consulting market. Our experts possess wide design experience in various industries and have successfully completed more than 500 projects on the implementation of the business processes optimization in the various companies.

About SAP Department

  • The largest design expertise in retail and wholesale trade - own projects technologies which have been successfully implemented
  • Wide experience of audit and optimization of the business processes of the company for the maximum increase of its operations efficiency
  • Experienced team is the key practice composition which did not change for the last 10 years
  • Successful experience of the complex implementation of integration projects
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