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Delaware Consulting
Status: Gold
Extent of activity: Regional
Solutions: Commerce, Sales & Service, Marketing
Certified professionals: 43
Region/Countries: EMEA,

Belgium, France, Netherlands

In a nutshell:

Delaware Digital believes that any company involved in e-commerce needs an omnichannel solution to guide consumers along different touch points. Creating a seamless experience across all channels should be a priority in this day and age.

We can help you develop sophisticated e-commerce solutions based on Hybris.

Company description:

Customer Experience is at the forefront of the sales & marketing (r)evolutions that are taking place today. By providing innovative, proven and cost-effective solutions, we empower organizations by harnessing their customer relations and interactions. In B2B environments and B2C environments alike, we aim to accomplish mutual success for both the business and its loyal and profitable clients, partners, consumers.

Delaware Consulting provides state-of-the-art business solutions. As an international partnership, we believe in a "GLocal" approach, based on the winning combination of Local entrepreneurship and a Global vision and collaboration. Local entrepreneurship allows full integration in the local business community and local autonomy. A clear strategic framework allows smooth international collaboration and exchange of people, knowledge and tools.

With entities in Belgium, China, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and the United States of America, we are further increasing our continuity and flexibility to our customers. This way we provide top quality services at premium rates to customers anywhere in the world.

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